Parish Life

The parishioners at St. Luke’s realize the importance of good fellowship as key to the rest of their ministries both within and outside the parish. At St. Luke’s, we’ve always got lots of great things to get involved in.

Dinner for Eight

Groups of 6-8 people meet in one another’s homes every 4-6 weeks over a 6-month period to share a meal and good conversation. Every 6 months the groups are rearranged into new groups, and the process starts over.


A fun and supportive group for women of the parish. Periodically, the women of the parish get together to do something fun like eat out, attend a play, visit a museum, or shop together.

Parish Picnic

Our annual Parish Picnic kicks off the Christian Formation season every September.

Lasagna Dinner

This annual fundraiser for NE Iowa Food Bank is a community institution. It takes place in October.

Round the World Potluck

This parish-wide luncheon is held each year on the Sunday after the Epiphany and features dishes from around the world.

Ski Trip Weekend

This diocesan event invites young people from all over the diocese to Sundown Mountain, and St. Luke’s young people and adult volunteers often participate.