St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Cedar Falls

Labyrinth Ministry

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St. Luke’s has a permanent outdoor labyrinth, created by one of our young parishioners as an Eagle Scout project, but completed through significant donations of time, talent, and material and financial resources of many in the congregation and community.


The labyrinth provides a sacred space to walk slowly, contemplate, and pray.  A long, winding walkway leads from the parking lot to the semi-secluded space of the labyrinth.  A walk through arbor provides a visual cue that one is transitioning from the walkway to the meditative path of the labyrinth.  Memorial benches surrounding the labyrinth provide another way to enjoy the serenity of the space.


The labyrinth is open to the community, and the Labyrinth Committee is working on ways to expand its use.  The committee is adding signs to help draw people to the outdoor labyrinth.  All ages enjoy using the labyrin



St. Luke’s also has a portable indoor canvas labyrinth.  This labyrinth is like the one at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco.  We have had two guests lead workshops on the labyrinth, a guest speaker from Wartburg College speak about labyrinths, and yearly times during Advent and Lent for parishioners and the public to walk the labyrinth.  Music and meditation ideas are available as well as finger labyrinths for those who cannot physically navigate the circuitous path.

Special thanks to Bill Witt and Curt Ritter for these photos!