Mary Beckman’s specific directive as stated in her will for her estate gift to St. Luke’s Episcopal Church is:

“This fund is to be held in perpetuity and the annual income generated from this fund shall be used for such purposes as the Vestry of said church, shall from time to time determine, provided, however, that neither this fund nor the income from this fund shall be used for ordinary operating expenses.” (10-10-2006)

Vestry-approved guidelines for the allocation of annual income generated from the fund are:

“…the Vestry desires to clarify the term ‘ordinary operating expenses’ as used in the Mary Beckman Will. We understand that ‘ordinary operating expenses’ include salaries and benefits for rector and staff, utilities, office expenses, weekly bulletin printing, computer and office maintenance, web services, maintenance and upkeep (regular and non-recurring) for building and grounds, advertising, diocesan assessment and support, and seminary support. We also understand this money can be used for outreach and mission support, educational and worship materials for youth and adults, care and healing ministry support, or music ministry.” (12-17-2013)

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